Feather FAQs

  • Feather 101

    • Where can I get a Feather?

      Feather is launching first in the state of Colorado. Check our Stockists for a full listing of dispensaries, we'll be updating this constantly in the coming weeks.

    • How should I store my Feather pen?

      We use food grade carriers, it is best to be stored in a cool dry location out of the direct sunlight. We have a feeling that you'll have it close by your side and long-term storage won't be a concern.

    • How does the vaporizer pen actually work?

      Once the end caps have been removed you can take your first pull. Air travels through the bottom of the pen activating the atomizer which will release a small portion of oil into the chamber. The light at the base of the pen will light up to signify the pull mechanism is working. The light will flash if excessive pull(s) are detected and will shut off to keep the atomizer at a safe temperature. You can use the Feather again after a few seconds.

    • Why is the Feather pen considered the "healthier" alternative to other vaporizers?

      Feather is made without the use of propyleneglycol (PG), polyethylene glycol 400 PEG-400), or medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). The Feather oil contains only quality unactivated cannabis resins that have been blended with small amounts USP propanediol, Vegetable Glycerin and Terpenes.

    • What is cold extraction?

      Cold extraction is how we process the resin from the whole plant. Because we extract this way, your "bud" does not go though any heat or cooking which leaves the purest form of oil we've ever seen. You'll be able to tell the difference at first taste.

    • What makes the Feather Pen unique?

      Good queston! There are a few reasons Feather is unique to what is currently on the market. We use cold extraction techniques, whole plants and our flavour is true to the flower. Our uniqueness is also due to what we don't use. We avoid prolylene glycol, which some labs are classifying as a cancinogen.

    • What are benefits to Vapes over other consumption methods

      For most it's convenience and the ability to self medicate based on number of pulls. You also won't need to purchase papers, lighters or any other gadgets to create a smooth sensation. For others, it's more discrete both look and smell compared to traditional methods. Vaporizer produce less toxins when resin is ignited inside the vape pen, as a result you're not inhaling those toxins.

  • Using Feather

    • Is there any maintenance required?

      None. The rubber tip may accumulate lint depending on how you store the Feather.

    • How do I become a distributor?

      Please proceed to our Stockist section of the website. Complete the contact for and someone will be in touch with you very shortly.

    • How do I know when I've taken a full puff?

      Pull until you can't anymore - it all depends on user preference. Our warning light will flash at the end of the pen if the temperature gets too hot. If you're new to vapes, try a small draw and increase each time until you find your "sweet spot".

    • Why is it hard to puff sometimes?

      If the pen is left in an area that will cause the liquid to thicken or exposure to direct sunlight, the formula can begin to change slightly. This is safe and will still pack the same punch however you may see crystallization and/or experience a tougher first pull to get liquid flowing again.

  • Issues?

    • What's your return policy?

      If you're having any problems with your Feather, please contact the dispensary where you made your purchase.

    • I think I have a defective Feather, what do I do?

      Please send an email to support@feather.co with some details and we'll help you out the best we can.

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