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The Sativa plant is long and tall in stature, producing airier buds with floral and spicy aromas.

Sativa Strain

Sativa blends high-quality pure sativa and sativa-dominant strains such as Sour Diesel, Tangerine Dream and Green Crack.


The sweet flavour and uplifting effects of the Sativa plant lends to an experience known to be pleasantly heady while promoting creativity.

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Hybrid plants are a cross between the Sativa and Indica varieties. The marriage of the two varieties produces potent buds with dank exotic aromas.

Hybrid Strain

Hybrid blends a variety of premium Hybrid strains such as Bruce Banner #3, Rock Star and Gorilla Glue.


Borrowing from both its parents, the Hybrid plant provides a middle ground with the most desirable effects and flavour from both types.

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Indicas are legendary for their Kush varieties: a compact and rugged plant that produces pungent and resin-coated buds.

Indica Strain

Indica blends a crafted selection of potent Indica strains such as Pink Kush, Great White Shark and Master Kush.


Originating in the mountainous regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan, Indicas are known to be stoney with narcotic-like body effects, bringing you closer to the stars.

Cold Press

Our "Cold Blend" starts with premium dried flowers to capture as much of the original strain's characteristics as possible. Our cold extraction process allows us to lock away all the things we don't want, and capture all the great parts we love. With a select blend of terpenes and natural carriers, our cold blend gives you the best entourage effect of a whole resin.

Live Blend

Our "Live Blend" formulation is a mix of live resins, THCa sauce, pure distillates, and cannabis terpenes. We're using the most precious parts of the plant and blending them just right to create something we know you'll love. The final product carries all the original flavour of the flower, with a potent terpene rich live resin blend.

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Arts & Science

Quality Control

Our products go through several rounds of quality control before they reach our customers' hands. We test every batch of oil and flower to exceed state guidelines. We ensure purity in all materials used during the production process. And we check the quality of each batch to test clarity, purity, and taste before it ships.

People Tested

People are involved in every stage in our process. Every detail is tested by a group of Cannabis users. This group includes the daily consistent user to the infrequent and curious user and everyone in between.

Hand Made

We're a small team who share a common passion. We want to make the best products while keeping them true to the flower. To ensure that standard of quality is consistent, team members are in close contact with every aspect & ingredient that goes into our products.


OK, clearly we're trying to be cute here. Our team members have spent over 2 years in the lab developing a cold pressed blend of live resins that we love. Our recipe of all natural cannabis terpenes, pure distillate and live resin has produced a magical blend of flavour and potency.

Premium Ingredients

Our blend of Cannabis resin is one of our proudest achievements. We are lucky to have great partners who source only the best dried and fresh frozen flower. We make a lot of batches, but only the best will make its way to you.

Iterative Process

It was a long road to get to this point. Over those long days and late nights, we made changes, we removed steps and back again. This process is never done, we are constantly looking for ways to improve each and every detail.

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