Go: Collection

Go: Collection is a series of distillate vaporizer pens. Refined oil blends, heavy on pure cannabinoids with terpene rich flavour and stronger THC potency.

Our pens are air activated. They have a stainless steel body with soft touch finish and a glass chamber with a custom all ceramic atomizer. Available in disposable and rechargeable cartridge.

Go: Move


A mix of Indica and Sativa strains to spotlight the floral, citrus and herbaceous notes of the Terpinolene terpene.


Take your good-boy out for a walk or give King Pigeon pose a shot! Go: Move will be there with you when you just need to move your body.

Go: Chill


An Indica blend that features the β-myrcene terpene. Offering notes of mango, hops, thyme and lemongrass.


Get lost in your favourite song or cozy up in front of the campfire. Go: Chill will help relax those shoulders and engage chill mode.

Go: Play


A Sativa blend highlighting the fragrant α-pinene terpene profile. With a higher THC potency, this blend accents forest notes of pine needles and rosemary.


Dive into your creative playground or head out for the night! Go: Play will keep your energy high and juices flowing.

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Arts & Science

Quality Control

Our products go through several rounds of quality control before they reach our customers' hands. We test every batch of oil and flower to exceed state guidelines. We ensure purity in all materials used during the production process. And we check the quality of each batch to test clarity, purity, and taste before it ships.

People Tested

People are involved in every stage in our process. Every detail is tested by a group of Cannabis users. This group includes the daily consistent user to the infrequent and curious user and everyone in between.

Hand Made

We're a small team who share a common passion. We want to make the best products while keeping them true to the flower. To ensure that standard of quality is consistent, team members are in close contact with every aspect & ingredient that goes into our products.


OK, clearly we're trying to be cute here. Our team members have spent over 2 years in the lab developing resins that we love. Our recipes of all natural cannabis terpenes, pure distillates and live resins have produced a magical collection of flavour and potency.

Premium Ingredients

Our collection of cannabis resin is one of our proudest achievements. We are lucky to have great partners who source only the best dried and fresh frozen flowers. We make a lot of batches, but only the best will make its way to you.

Iterative Process

It was a long road to get to this point. Over those long days and late nights, we made changes, we removed steps and back again. This process is never done, we are constantly looking for ways to improve each and every detail.

Image of rechargeable + cartridge Feather pens from the Go: Collection

Rechargeable + Cartridge

Our Go: Collection is also available in a rechargeable cartridge form.

This rechargeable hardware is a 5/10 threaded battery and cartridge. It’s air activated which means; no buttons, no shaking, no worries.

Simply draw and enjoy.

A Feather pen, Go: Active, displayed beautifully on a mossy rock after a rain.

Colorado meet Feather.