Feather FAQs

    • Where can I get a Feather?

      Check our Stockists for a full listing of dispensaries, we'll be updating this constantly in the coming weeks.

    • How should I store my Feather pen?

      Your feather is happiest when stored in a cool dry location out of direct sunlight.

    • Is there any maintenance required?

      Not really. Keep you Feather Pen safe and dry and you'll be fine.

    • How do I know when I've taken a full puff?

      It all depends on user preference. The warning light will flash at the end of the pen if the temperature gets too hot. It you're new to vapes, try a small draw and increase each time until you find your sweet spot.

    • Why am I not getting any vapor?

      If it's the first draw, give it another shot. Sometimes it takes a pull or two to get things flowing. Depending on how light a draw you take, we recommend increasing the length of the draw, not the intensity.

    • I think I have a defective Feather, what do I do?

      Return Policy: We stand by our products. If the hardware is defective, simply return your pen to the authorized dealer with your receipt for an exchange.

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