When we started this journey, we knew that while this is the new era of the cannabis economy, it is but a chapter in a story that has been developing for centuries. We’re following in the footsteps of pioneers and trailblazers that have laid a path for us.

Sure we’re a new company, with a different perspective and a fresh approach—but we’re mindful of the long and winding history this plant has woven into the culture. We’ll always respect that history and with a smile and a wink, we honour the good folks who came before us.

And that’s why you’ll see our happy hippie every so often. Yes, that’s right—a hippie.

A jogger runs past a hippie exercising in the the park

Ask any of us about the Feather brand, and you’ll be hard-pressed to get us to stop yammering about simplicity and design and design and simplicity. We apply those two elements into everything, from our formula to the packaging to the hardware. Every part of the experience matters. It’s simple, clean and discreet. We take these matters seriously, we also take fun seriously too.

Which takes us back to the aforementioned human fully immersed in the hippie culture. That iconic figure has a special place in our hearts—and if you pay close attention—you’ll see that loveable hippie pop up in some surprising places.

See if you can find him in our video.

River North Denver, a Beast of Creative Force

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Colorado has a few cultural exports we’re all familiar with; the gold rush, beer (ahem—–lots of beers), shortness of breath and John Elway’s cannon-of-an-arm to name a few.

Another one we quickly learned is that Denver and Colorado in general is stinkin’ rich in creative currency. River North (AKA RiNo Arts District) is a jolt of electricity for your heart, a backhand of sparkling magic dust for your soul, a wet-willy of good vibes for your brain—you get the drift.

Lonely Planet named River North one of the top 10 neighborhoods to visit in the U.S.

RiNo’s slogan “Where art is made” makes complete sense. Once you’re wandering about in this colourful swath of downtown Denver, you get it. The area boasts a great selection of craft breweries (because let’s be real, it’s still Denver), artist workshops, design studios, architect firms and galleries. Name a startup category in the creative industry, and RiNo has about 3 of them operating and flourishing.


The city and its citizens have made a collective effort in building and sustaining the creative class and RiNo is its brain and heart. The community has constructed a mechanism to fund and support entrepreneurs. This model can be seen in various pockets in cities across the globe. RiNo is a shining example of how the arts & culture can inform the city planning, urban development, community cohesion and economic viability.


It’s our Future, you’re just living in it.

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There can be something almost ritualistic, dare I say sacred to the act of grinding the fragrant nugget of Girl Scout Cookies, wrapping it up in your favourite wrap and as Ben Harper so eloquently sang, “Burn one down.” Maybe we just haven’t found a vape pen that captures the same kind of magic that comes from a toke of your favourite flower.

Some will argue that smoking the herb is the best way to fully enjoy the terpenes and flavonoids from the resin inside the plant. Others will tell you that vape pens are moving forward, creating an organic blend between science and nature. Maybe they are both right. Maybe finding perfection lays at the intersection of high tech and old school.

Vape pens are becoming the popular way to enjoy concentrates and as we move into the future, the science behind them allows for smart, simple and compact ways to enjoy some OG Kush or whatever flavor tickles your fancy. That is the crucial part…the flavor…the vibe if you will. The wizards in the lab are creating techniques that utilize natural carriers and avoid impurities that can capture that same magic twisting up a joint or lighting bong can bring. As technology and industry moves faster, people are finding the best way for them to experience the speed of slow with a vape pen.

I wonder if even Gene Roddenberry would have pictured how seamlessly some of today’s vaporizers would have blended into the background of an episode of Star Trek. I bring up the 23rd century adventures of Kirk and the gang because we are currently living in the future. You don’t believe me? If you are reading this on your phone/tricorder/pocket genie, you can just say “Hey Siri! Where can I find the nearest dispensary?” and a Wikileaf map will appear on its HD screen, directing you to a plethora of strains in a variety of forms.

With advances in technology, vaporizers are now compact, portable, simple and indispensable. From 2014 to 2017, sales of dry bud dropped from 70% to 50% of market. On the other hand, concentrates like the ones you would find in a vape pen have seen incredible growth, moving ahead of wax and shatter with vape pen sales in Colorado hitting $18.1 million in March 2018*.

Where is the future taking us and our weed? If the growth of concentrates continues this trend, it looks like the future is vapour. Technology continues to improve and innovate with new products coming out almost on the daily. Much like the proliferation of internet tech from slow dial-up to lightning fast broadband, smoking technologies developing at breakneck speeds. Who knows exactly where this wild ride will go but we will celebrate it all together.

*according to BDS Analytics

Rock, Paper, Pens!

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This year feels like a pretty momentous one for cannabis. As more and more states follow Colorado’s lead by legalizing both recreational and medicinal cannabis, the stigmatization against the herb is fading. People are seeing the benefits to legalization, for themselves, but also to our communities.

We have come a very long way from the ancient Egyptians who would lug around stones, oils and herbs. They would heat the stones, place the oil and herb on the hot surface and inhale the vapours. From these brave pioneers to the tincture salesmen of the late 1800s to now, with elaborate dab rigs and high-tech vape pens, the ways we enjoy cannabis have grown and refined much like the plant itself.

With the advent to the first modern E-Cig in the mid 2000’s to the high tech pocket vapes we have now, the notion of carrying a pack sack of rocks and a satchel of “spices” sounds laughable but kind of bad ass at the same time. Even rolling a joint seems too time consuming as many people are putting down their papers and tweets in favour of vape pens.

According to BDS Analytics, North American cannabis sales hit 6.7 billion dollars in 2016. That growth is expected to rise by 25% each year until reaching an estimated $20.2 billion by 2021. Cannabis lovers who may have stuck to the shadows with hidden stashes and air fresheners to cover their tracks are now being embraced by warm, friendly bud tenders and enjoying cannabis in record numbers.

In particular, this 4/20 felt especially pivotal as enthusiasts are witness to this realtime paradigm shift. It is happening right before our eyes! A galaxy of different strains have been opened up to the public along with a dazzling amount of ways to enjoy them. It can be a little bit overwhelming even for the experienced enthusiast. The key is to find something that works for you. The means by which you enjoy cannabis says a lot about your lifestyle and what matters to you. Dabbing with shatter can take you to the moon but much like the ancients and their rocks, a dab rig can be hard to carry around. With vape pens, you can get the vibe you are looking for without the set up. Put it in your pocket and take it out when the time is right. High tech solutions with the simplicity you need.


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