River North Denver, a Beast of Creative Force

Posted by Feather

Colorado has a few cultural exports we’re all familiar with; the gold rush, beer (ahem—–lots of beers), shortness of breath and John Elway’s cannon-of-an-arm to name a few.

Another one we quickly learned is that Denver and Colorado in general is stinkin’ rich in creative currency. River North (AKA RiNo Arts District) is a jolt of electricity for your heart, a backhand of sparkling magic dust for your soul, a wet-willy of good vibes for your brain—you get the drift.

Lonely Planet named River North one of the top 10 neighborhoods to visit in the U.S.

RiNo’s slogan “Where art is made” makes complete sense. Once you’re wandering about in this colourful swath of downtown Denver, you get it. The area boasts a great selection of craft breweries (because let’s be real, it’s still Denver), artist workshops, design studios, architect firms and galleries. Name a startup category in the creative industry, and RiNo has about 3 of them operating and flourishing.


The city and its citizens have made a collective effort in building and sustaining the creative class and RiNo is its brain and heart. The community has constructed a mechanism to fund and support entrepreneurs. This model can be seen in various pockets in cities across the globe. RiNo is a shining example of how the arts & culture can inform the city planning, urban development, community cohesion, and economic viability.



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